Welcome to my blog!  I am John “Zed” Zurovchak – aka The Zedman.  I picked up the nickname during a one-year student sojourn in Ireland back in 1985.  Not too many people enjoyed saying my full last name, so I quickly became John Zed and then simply Zed…and it has stuck ever since.

I have a PhD in Political Science and I enjoy teaching on-line as well as working as an instructional designer and social media evangelist.  I am hoping that this blog will provide some valuable commentary on work literacy in today’s web2.0 world.  I am particularly interested in helping employees take control of their biggest asset – their intellectual capital – through the creation of  Personal Learning Environments (PLEs).  I am also interested in the emerging field of digital storytelling and visual thinking.

Obviously, any and all opinions are solely mine and do not represent the opinions and or views of my employer.  Feel free to send me a tweet or an email with any questions, comments, hints, tips or good stories!


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